The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is, as its name says, an association, a combination of ninety-one national canine organisations, defending common values, sometimes defending their own values, having however, a constant interest in mind : the DOG.

The FCI has to deal with, sometimes, 91 different points of views and each FCI member, in its turn, has to deal with a number of standpoints which is equal to the number of breeders/members affiliated to them in their country. It is therefore easy to figure out the multiplicity and the diversity of opinions with which we, FCI, have to deal daily.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
World Animal Day in Zagreb

On October 4th, the World Animal Day was marked with an emphasis on the unique relationship between humans and animals and the importance of animals in our lives. Organisers were the Zagreb Government and the Croatian Kennel Club.

In addition to the presentation of a number of organisations dealing with the protection of animals, visitors were able to participate with their dogs in the tandem race. The Croatian Kennel Club prepared a presentation and education programme on the topic "Croatian native breeds". The lecturer was the president of the Croatian Kennel Club, Mr Damir Skok. The Young generation of the Zagreb Club for dog training showed several agility disciplines.

The response of the citizens of Zagreb was excellent. The most positive was a large number of young visitors interested in animals, their protection and coexistence with them. In the afternoon there was a blessing of animals, so the locals and their (mostly) dogs came in large number.

The Croatian Kennel Club decided to focus on children and check their knowledge about animals, but at the same time educate them about the human-animal bond. The stand of the Croatian Kennel Club was very lively the whole day. The children drew and created plasticine animals and took part in a quiz entitled "how well you know a dog." The best arts and answers were rewarded with gifts from a box of surprises. A young team of cynologists animated and entertained children with their skills. The most wanted were figures of dogs made from balloons and face painting by which children turned into dogs, cats, mice, rabbits and various other animals.

The number of children who passed through our stand that day was a great proof that we did well by deciding to dedicate that day to youngsters. We believe that some of them got "infected" by dogs and that they will eventually come knocking at our door someday.

The Croatian canine organisation